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Hear Ye Him #78 


Evan A. Fry, Radio Minister Sunday, Jime 27, 19Sh 

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ 8:30 a.m. MBC & KFRM 

of Latter Day Saints Kansas City, Missouri 

Independence, Missouri All Rights Reserved 

SCRIPTURE: lifetthev/ 5:1-10 

And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a moiontain; and when he was set, his dis- 
ciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying: Blessed are 
the poor in spiritj for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn, 
for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. 
Blessed are they v.^ich do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be 
filled. Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pwre 
in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be 
called the children of God. Blessed are they v/hich are persecuted for righteousness' 
sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

V-Oiosoever is born of God doth not continue in sin; for the Spirit ox God 
remaineth in him; and he cannot continue in sin, because he is born of 
God, having received that holy Spirit of promise • 

l<ifhen a person is born again, thereby becoming a spiritually begotten son of God 
and an heir of God»s kingdom, his changed life vail be demonstrated by a fidl and 
v/illing obedience to certain spiritual lav;s. It is about those spiritual lav;s of the 
kingdom t}-iat we v/ish to talk this morning. 

The best summary of the spiritual laws of the kingdom is perhaps to be found in 
the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, for in those eight brief statements Jesus 
gives a description of those v/ho shall be deemed worthy to be citizens of the kingdom 
of God. The people who keep these lav;s are blessed. 7/e should note here th^t his 
?;ord is not the past participle of the verb "to bless," but is an adjective meaning 
"happy." Those who keep these kingdom laws are happy. A truer, or at least a broader 
sense of the meaning of the beatitudes might be gained by reading "How h^ppyl" rather 
than "How blessed." Those ?/ho keep these spiritual laws are happy in God's sight, 
therefore truly happy, in that they are enjoying the privileges and blessings of God's 

"Blessed are the p oor in spirit, for the irs is Jbhe_ kinRdcm of heaven ." Although 
all authorities seem to^agree that tne pnrase "m spirit" is an addition to the origin- 
al script, yet the phrase seems to belong there. Poverty is not in and of itself 
"blessed," nor are all poor people happy. On the other hand, poverty can be the source 
of much suffering and care, oS v^ell as the cause of covetousness, resentment, and 
hatred for others who are more fortunate. Thus the poor man may be just as great a 
sinner as the selfish, unscrupulous rich, if he hates 3.nd envies the rich. [B ut th e 
"poor in spirit" .^ rej^hose^hc^^ ee their spiritual and r ecogniz e their spiri tual 
poverty and need; they are t hose v/ho come dovm in the depths of humility to cori'es s 
theiF"sins^"ana" seckTorgi\^en ess th rou^ji Christ ;] they ar c those who^- wh ether they be 
rich o r poor in worldly good s — re cogni z e tliat vje are all be.^.o:a rs_b efore God. Such 
poverty^ of spirit is the begirding oTTIl virtue ^^nd of all spiritttal progress. 

"Blessed are the y that mourn^ f or thgx_sl"^all be comfori ^d." Those rjhc mourn may 
mourn because of wh^t others have done to them, because of their ov;n sufferings and 
afflictions. But the true mourners in the sense intended by this verse, are those who 
mourn for their cxm sins, as well as for the sins of others, and those v/ho share in the 
sorroxv of every other mourner in the world, as God shares su^ch sorroxv. Seeing how their 
own sins have contributed to the sum total of grief and woe and pain in the earth, they 
mourn their own sins. Seeing how all sin contributes to the suffering of mankind. ^they 
mourn for all men's sins everytvhere. They feel and share in the sorrow and s^Jiffcring 
and calamity of others; they share likevdse in the godly sorrow i/^diich fills the heart 

-2- HYH #78 

of God as he beholds the suffering of his children, and Yjaits_for jbh em to cho ose the 
iv ays of his kingdom in stead of the v/ays of wickednes s » Thos e Vfho thus m siiiui-and share 
t l^ sorrovfs of the earth shall be comforted — gi ven strength thro ugh^Chrgst « 

" Blessed are the mee k, for they shall inherit the eart h," The meek are not the 
said or the T/oebegone, not the little or the weak or timid or spineless • The_meek are 
those who are numbl y depe i^cnt on God — thQse_jg jio recogn ize their o^m vrorth and jtheir 
ovm strongU i^biit also their insiRnificance; th ose vfho _jarejnore_r>.onrf^rnnd ab out d uties 
than about rights ; those vdio are strong, but Ti'ho have their strength \mder righteous 
control and direction. The proud, self-sufficient man xiho recognizes no lack, no need, 
no strength outside of his ovm, and rAio seeks to impose his oim vdll on everybody else 
by force, is inevitably, in the very nature of things, doomed to frustration and defeat. 
But the mock shall inherit the earth as their right, their legacy, because they are 
children of God and citizens of his kingdom, 

"B lessed a re they vihich do hunger and t hirst after j ughteousnegSj>__f or they_shall 
be fi lled >" No rran is righteous:, in the full and complete sense of the v/ord* No man 
has righteousness within himself, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of 
God* But the man who hungers and thirsts after righteousness — who intensely desires 
and passionately longs for them, she. 11 be filled with that righteousness which is a 
gift of grace from God through Jesus Christ. It is not those who have righteousness, 
v;ho have arrived, v^ho are blessed, but those who hunger and thirst after it, who desire 
it, strive for it, long for it, and find it through Christ* However, t ho^e who hxi n^er 
a nd thirst after righteousne ss 7 fill_be unceasingly trying to adjust the ar lives- to the 
s tandards of ac tion v/hi ch Chri st demands o f his follov/ers ; for the word here tra nslated 
"r ifr^htoousne s^" means literally "justic e^' — right dealings be tweenjnanand man, and 
man and God. ~" " " ^ ' 

"Blessed are thf^ mfircifu lj for they shall obtain mercy ." Mercy is notm.erely a 
sentjjnentj it is a practice — a way of life. He y±lo would he. hlfi ssfid- ir t he kingdom 
of God mu gt .ju d ge the sins of others as generously, as for^iving^ly_ A^a5 mercifully as 
he j udges his oitti. He must forgive others freely, as he expects God to forgive him 
freely, for God^annot forgive the sin of failing to forgive another his trespasses. 
The law of the kingdom is that wc must extend to others t he mercyjw;e__ep^ct to ^receive 
from God, and tlnt^^e hurnility of such mercy sh^ll then" ii?.ve~~claim on God's mercy. 

" Blessed are the pure in heart, fo r they shall see God. " Purity means j thc^ absence 
of extraneous matte r ** cleanliness. For example, a jar of hone^y may"~^e composed of 
fifty per cent corn syrup ^ which is perfectly wholesome and ^od to eat» But honey 
which is fifty per cent corn syrup is not "pure" honejr^ The ^rMy^o is "pure i n heart " 
(that is, in mind, spirit, personality, and body, or in the total man) ha^s_no thing in 
his life whi ch is not compati ble with god l_ ines s. There is nothing there which doesn't 
belong there —lib-Piihg^ in mTn or body or' spirit. The rv hole personality is fo cused 
upon and dedicate d to one thing — God and his purposes . Such men have the promise 
^hat they shgll"^e God . 

'^ " K-essed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." 
Pea ce i's not mer ^el y'the ^al^son g'^n::^ open hostili ties. It^j^„a_stat^^jLi^l^^ in 

wh ich there ar _e__ no tens lcns^no^ resentment s^ n o h atreds or enmities, no jeal ousies, no 
f estering senne of injustic e. The_ poaco makers dQ"lnQre than.' hope fo r peace; they make 
peace by _Temoving: the causes of c ontentiorr. They effect reconciliations; they bring 
about harmonious relationships that correct discords before they reach the explosive 
stage. Th^ peacemakers are truly th e c hildren of God, and hei_rs_cf_iiis_kingdom. 

"me?^.qed_nrg_^bhn y v/hich are_ perseclited fo r"rigEteousne5sJ sake, for theirs is the 
kdrigdom^ofLJiGaven." Always y/hen men strive for righteousness arid^justicd and~l3quity 
in human relationships, there are ether men who want to continue in unrighteousness, 
injustice, and inequity vfhich is iniquity, and vho stop at no violence, no persecution, 
to maintain their special privilege and preferential status, YJhen a man who knows he 
he is doing right is persecuted, he should rejoice, for such persecution for righteous- 
ness' sake is an indication of his worthiness of the kingdom of heaven* 

Yifhen men who are born again into the church and family of God, tho y deSlre mt h 
all their hearts to keep <qpiri turil laws_ofjbhft kingdom; and whenever and whe re- 
over 'tlies^Taws are truly kept, there men are blessed — happy — now and for eternity. 

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